We offer a range of Japanese products including tatami mats and raised flooring for the tatami mats, Japanese alcoves (tokonoma), and Japanese ceilings (gotenjo).

A Japanese suspended wooden ceiling, which produces a feeling of warmth by subtly altering light, is not as expensive as one might think and well-worth the investment in traditional woodworking. By selectively integrating classic details with conventional construction methods, we can offer houses which are affordable to more people.

Plywood or wall paper with timber ceilings

Bamboo ceiling & other natural material ceilings


A tatami is a type of mat used as a flooring material in traditional Japanese-style rooms. Tatami mats make any room or space that special traditional oriental atmosphere and aroma .
The tatami's straw inner-core is pressed tight and has lots of air pockets. This makes it very effective at absorbing heat.
Tatami is made of soft reed which according to traditional Chinese medicine calms the spirit. The natural smell relaxes the body and soothes the mind, perfect for meditation, yoga and relaxation.

Solid timber flooring:
In Japan, timber floor is very common and being used for centuries. A good quality Solid Wood floor can last a lifetime if it is maintained and adds more character with wear and tear over time.( compared to the tatami mat covering.) it gives a natural warmness, beauty that is hard to tire off, comfortable to walk on and to touch, durable yet easy to care for. It is also naturally healthy as its surface does not collect dust or attracts dust mites which contribute to asthma or other respiratory ailments.