Jin Hsu
was born in an old wooden structure house which has more than 200 years history. His father is a traditional carpenter, often takes Jin with him while doing the work, thoroughly influenced by what he frequently heard and saw, the passion with woodworking art is deeply in his blood. Later,as he grew up, he is not only satisfied with the craft, but also there is more demand for cultural, so he studied painting, calligraphy, architecture, sculpture, and other courses in the university. After graduation he travels around Japan and deeply fascinated with the traditional Oriental culture and zen. At the age of 30, he relocated to Australia, he found that the Australian building standards are very different with the traditional eastern standards, so he enrolled carpentry course in TAFE and get the QBCC Builders' license. Traditional eastern woodworking is very time-consuming and expensive, He has devoted himself to making the traditional art works combine with modern technology.

Sakya Oriental Styling
Sakya oriental styling is established in 2011, specializes in traditional Japanese style interior renovation. Our services operate in the Greater Brisbane (including Ipswich), Sunshine and Gold Coast regions. We offer a complete Japanese transformation, including ceilings, walls, shoji screens, tatami mats and shelving. We also provide an option for custom made shoji screens which can be installed to existing windows and doors,or for use as a room divider.Our creative and highly skilled craftsmen can create a brand new oriental space based on the customer's wishes. Most of the materials are directly shipped from the Japanese suppliers to ensure good quality and authentic taste.
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